The Beginning.

Happy New Year Everyone!.

I’m two weeks late. Okay lets jump right into introductions, I’m Mfon and I am a “healthyfoodaholic”. I chose this lifestyle 3 years ago and I’ve never been happier with my body. I went through ALOT of phases (and I mean a lot!) working out. Because trust me even though most people think they know what they want their body ‘type’ to be, their bodies are looking at a  different catalog. Anyways, after a lot of experimenting, I hit the holy grail routine and diet and it’s been smooth sailing from then.

I am not here to tell you guys that not eating healthy 365 days a year is a death sentence to your waistline. Damn I have cheat months!. I’m here to share my experiences with Unlabelled food. I am sick and tired of people assuming any and everything green tastes like crap. So on behalf of those who don’t mind color on their plates, I hope to show you countless ways to enjoy the healthy life.

Disclaimer: This is not a cooking blog (I wish I could cook & show the world lol). I will share recipes, tricks and awesome information and hopefully learn from you guys as well.

-Love Mfon 🙂 xx

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