Having Late Night Cravings?

Hey guys.. back again 🙂

Happy New week & I  hope you had a good weekend..  The weekend literally felt like 2 minutes for me.

So today’s post is something that I still struggle with, “LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS”. Ever want to walk up to your fridge at 11pm and grab the first thing you see because you are so damn hungry?.. that’s me every other night. I hate having to think of what to eat this late because even the “healthy” food does not make it past 8pm.

So for my foodies out there, I came up with a list of snack ideas that would definitely fill you up & not have any negative effect on your healthy lifestyle :).

  •  A handful of Almonds, Pistachios or just plain ol’ nuts: Only a handful though, although these are healthy you do not want too much fat sitting in you right before bed.
  • cottage cheese and pineapples. 
  • Yoplait greek yogurt (Any flavor): Instead of late night ice cream, have this with frozen blueberries, best thing ever!.
  • An apple with cottage cheese : I love my apples with peanut butter but I like to compromise because although peanut butter is healthy, it still has a high amount of fat so I stay aware from it right before bed.
  • Half a cup of popcorn: Instead of chips I go for this most of the time cause it hits the spot for my salty cravings, my fave is “BOOM CHICKA POP” but any other kind of kettle corn popcorn will do.
  • Dark Chocolate: remember, the darker the chocolate the better, this could be used to satisfy your sweet cravings.

As you proceed to indulge in late night snacking, always remember to stay away from too much carbs or fatty food so you don’t lay awake feeling too full.

I hope this helps you guys out with fighting off late night cravings from here on out.  

See ya’ll next time.

-Love Mfon :)xx


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