Why we binge.

Hey, guys.

I’m finally back. Gosh I just realized that the last time I posted was in February :(. Well, I’ve jumped off the procrastination train for good.. I promise.
Okay, going to get right to it. So some of us will agree with me that this year has not been the best, and with stress comes the binging/overeating monster. This post will go through a few probable reasons why we overeat and how we can avoid them.  Also, I will be throwing in healthy snack ideas.
What causes us to overeat?
Now as we know, that first hand full of your binge snack choice (sugar, fat or salt) is always the best. This is your brain recording a unique feeling of pleasure. This triggers a release of “happy chemicals”, dopamine and serotonin – a combination that can leave us feeling amazing. As our own inbuilt “reward system”, the chemical reaction can cause us to keep chasing that good feeling. This is why we always want another handful of snacks even when we’re not hungry. Our brains are so intricate, they associate particular cues with achieving a reward, leading you to crave a special treat.
Another reason that could prompt us to overeat is stress. This is possibly the most relatable reason. I relate to this as well because as we know life’s a bitch.  A big bowl of ice cream, bag of chips or pizza can make it  better.. for a second. At that point you assume eating will make all better, when what you’re really doing is “eating your feelings”.
Like it or not, watching TV is a major cause of binge eating. Ever just want to have a hand full of chips while watching a movie and realize you finished the entire bag before the movie is done? Hate to pop your bubble, but this too counts as binge eating.
How we can reduce binge eating.
  • Empower yourself by disciplining your mind to foresee how you’d feel after overeating.  Honestly, eating cookies won’t lessen stress or tiredness, rather you’re more prone to feeling guilty or even sick.
  • Learn how to recognize your triggers: when do you overeat? In front of the tv?, when stressed?, when out with friends?  Recognizing what triggers these desires can help avert it.
  • Although this may be the toughest part, distracting yourself with another activity or simply saying no can reduce overeating.  The urge will likely pass in a few minutes.
Snacking does not always imply cookies or chips.. Some better choices are:
Apple and peanut butter, Kettle popcorn, carrots and hummus, cucumber slices & nuts.img_9951
Once you are aware you are overeating or when the feeling starts creeping up, you remember that you are capable of refraining from it. Trust me, I’ve been on that wagon, but it gets easier I promise.
Until next time guys 🙂 xx.


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