Workout of the day

Hey guys,

I hope your week is going okay.. It just got super cold in Minnesota so i’m not having the best week.

I’m going to share a workout of the day that is suitable for anyone, no matter your skill level. This is a full body workout that  will focus on your main muscles (arms, abs and glutes).. You can incorporate any of these into your routine.

Lets have some fun shall we 😀

equipment needed – Jump ropes , weight balls, Jump box, Dumbells (weight of your choosing)

Warm- up

  • Jump rope – 100 x 4
  • High Knee walk – 10 x 4

Main Set 1

  • Body weight Burpe  – 12 x 3
  • Box jumps – 15 x 3
  • High knees – 20 x 3
  • jumping jacks – 20 x 3

rest – 2 minute

Set 2

  • Bulgarian Lunges with dumbbell – 12 x 3
  • Russian twists – 20 x 3
  • walking planks – 12 x 3
  • jump box burpes – 10 x 3

Rest, stretch and cool down- You can add in any cool down workouts you have.

Also feel free to view ‘how to’ videos for each work out .


You can take out or add a couple sets, make it your own. Don’t forget to have fun with workout.

Leave a comment below if you tried it and tell me how it went.

Until next time  🙂 xx


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