WOW: Home workout Edition.

Hey guys,

I thought today, why not give something special to my readers. Seeing as we are building this awesome relationship, and well, relationships come with gifts- at least the good ones do. I’ll be adding weekly workout routines to the blog. Take it as a challenge if you will or just add it to your pre-existing routine . Just do it! No it is not sponsored (or maybe it is) it’s not .

P.S: WOD from last week is here to stay as WOW (workout of the week )

Most people assume no gym memberships mean no effective workouts but I disagree. Home workouts may be a little different because of less space and equipment’s but who said you can’t improvise and have an awesome workout.

So here’s your WOW, lets have fun shall we 🙂

Equipment : Mat, skipping ropes.


  • Jump ropes – 100 x 4 (pace your self )
  • Jumping jacks – 20 x 4

Main Set 1

  • Mountain climbers (high intensity) – 20 seconds x 3
  • Toe tap jumps – 12 each side x 3
  • broad jump burpee – 10 x 3
  • planks –  2 mins (you can do this in 1 min intervals)

rest – 2 mins

Set 2

  • Mountain climbers (sprint) – 10 seconds  x 4
  • Leg lifts – 12 x 4
  • Marching glute bridge – 15 x 4
  • Alternating switch lunges – 12 each side x 3

Rest, cool down and stretch.

You can view ‘how to’ gifs for each work out  below.

Mountain climbers: gif

Leg Lifts: legs

Toe Tap Jumps:


Broad Jump Burpee: jumps.gif

Marching glute bridge:


Alternating switch lunges: lunges.gif

Remember to make these workouts your own by increasing or reducing difficulty levels.

Enjoy your Home workout 🙂

Until next time xx.





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