Hurdles and goals(2)

Hey Guys, 

I started the first part of “hurdles and goals” a while back and I guess this is a good point in the year to finish it up. 

There are 365 days in a year and every day comes with different choices to make. One of the essential choices is what our meals for the day are going to consist of. The average person should eat at least 3 times a day, so not going too deep into calculations but we eat main meals at least 1095 times. At this point of the year how many of these meals have been healthy?, breaking this down makes you realize that there are more than a thousand chances given in the year to make a healthy meal choice. 


You might have noticed that my main focus is on your diet rather than your workouts. This is because building a healthy body starts with what you feed your body daily, precisely 85% of the time, shocker right?. In part 1 I briefly talked about when I started my healthy journey, I thought that as long as I was going to the gym I could eat whatever. No it was actually worse. My reasoning was the longer I spent in the gym meant the more food I had to consume- absolute fail. Eating healthy does not mean giving up on your guilty pleasures, God no. Because if I had to give up on all of mine, I would have been off the wagon ages ago. Consistency is Key, no matter how small you start – substituting  brown rice for white, reducing sugar and salt intake or reducing the ration of your meal; you’d be surprised the difference you’ll notice with these small changes. 

Starting your healthy living lifestyle with the mentality of just losing weight is one of the reasons people give up. Sure, you do not see the difference in 2 months but your friend that started with you is looking like teamfitfam, quite frustrating I know . This is when different body types come into the discussion, People lose weight differently, add weight differently, also have different metabolisms. This is why your journey must begin because you want to be healthy inside and out, which helps you persevere even when your exterior is not catching up to how much work you a putting in. Trust me, the changes always come as far as there is perseverance. 

I will be ending this post with some food substitution ideas for anyone out there still struggling with their daily diet.

 Some Carbs substitutes

  • White rice – Brown rice
  • Couscous – Quinoa
  • Bread crumbs – Rolled oats
  • Tortilla wraps – Lettuce leave (a personal fave)
  • White bread – Whole wheat bread

Some Protein Substitutes

  • One whole egg – 2 egg whites
  • Ground beef – Ground Turkey
  • Dark meat – White skinless meat

Snack Substitutes

  • Flavored yogurt –  Plain yogurt with fresh fruits
  • Canned fruits – fresh fruits or frozen fruits
  • Milk chocolate -Dark chocolate
  • potato chips – Popcorn

These are just a couple  from the unending list of Healthy food substitutes. Remember guys with  consistency and perseverance , you can go farther than you thought.

Until next time 🙂 xx



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