Hey guys,

Your girl is back again to hook yo’ body up. This time we are going to burn our legs and glutes.

Leg day is hands down my favorite day, although it consists of heavy weight, pain and more pain. Anything that contributes to booty gains is a plus right?

Let the beast in you come out in this workout, add weights, increase sets, jump higher. Just do it (Nike needs to endorse me).

Equipment: squat racks, jump box, dumbbells, exercise ball, cables 

Warm up:

High knee walks – 10 x 4

Jumping jacks – 20 x 4

Main set 1

  • Squats with racks – 12 x 4, without racks 20 x 4
  • walking lunges with weights – 14 x 3 (7 each side)
  • Squat jumps  – 12 x 4
  • Step up leg lifts  with weights – 12 x 4

rest 2mins

Set 2

  • Bulgarian squats – 15 x 4
  • jump box squats – 12 x 3
  •  donkey kicks with or w/ cables- 12 x 3
  •  bridges with exercise ball – 12 x 4

Rest, cool down and stretch.

You can view ‘how to’ gifs for each work out  below.

Walking lunges:lunggges

Squat jumps: squatjs.gif

Step up leg lifts  with weights:leglifts.gif

Bulgarian squats:bulga.gif

donkey kicks with & w/ cables: pushh.gif

bridges with exercise ball:balls.gif


Remember to make these workouts your own by increasing or reducing difficulty levels.

Enjoy Leg day🙂

Until next time xx.

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