Hey guys,

Your girl is back again to hook yo’ body up. This time we are going to burn our legs and glutes.

Leg day is hands down my favorite day, although it consists of heavy weight, pain and more pain. Anything that contributes to booty gains is a plus right?

Let the beast in you come out in this workout, add weights, increase sets, jump higher. Just do it (Nike needs to endorse me).

Equipment: squat racks, jump box, dumbbells, exercise ball, cables 

Warm up:

High knee walks – 10 x 4

Jumping jacks – 20 x 4

Main set 1

  • Squats with racks – 12 x 4, without racks 20 x 4
  • walking lunges with weights – 14 x 3 (7 each side)
  • Squat jumps  – 12 x 4
  • Step up leg lifts  with weights – 12 x 4

rest 2mins

Set 2

  • Bulgarian squats – 15 x 4
  • jump box squats – 12 x 3
  •  donkey kicks with or w/ cables- 12 x 3
  •  bridges with exercise ball – 12 x 4

Rest, cool down and stretch.

You can view ‘how to’ gifs for each work out  below.

Walking lunges:lunggges

Squat jumps: squatjs.gif

Step up leg lifts  with weights:leglifts.gif

Bulgarian squats:bulga.gif

donkey kicks with & w/ cables: pushh.gif

bridges with exercise ball:balls.gif


Remember to make these workouts your own by increasing or reducing difficulty levels.

Enjoy Leg day🙂

Until next time xx.

Hurdles and goals(2)

Hey Guys, 

I started the first part of “hurdles and goals” a while back and I guess this is a good point in the year to finish it up. 

There are 365 days in a year and every day comes with different choices to make. One of the essential choices is what our meals for the day are going to consist of. The average person should eat at least 3 times a day, so not going too deep into calculations but we eat main meals at least 1095 times. At this point of the year how many of these meals have been healthy?, breaking this down makes you realize that there are more than a thousand chances given in the year to make a healthy meal choice. 


You might have noticed that my main focus is on your diet rather than your workouts. This is because building a healthy body starts with what you feed your body daily, precisely 85% of the time, shocker right?. In part 1 I briefly talked about when I started my healthy journey, I thought that as long as I was going to the gym I could eat whatever. No it was actually worse. My reasoning was the longer I spent in the gym meant the more food I had to consume- absolute fail. Eating healthy does not mean giving up on your guilty pleasures, God no. Because if I had to give up on all of mine, I would have been off the wagon ages ago. Consistency is Key, no matter how small you start – substituting  brown rice for white, reducing sugar and salt intake or reducing the ration of your meal; you’d be surprised the difference you’ll notice with these small changes. 

Starting your healthy living lifestyle with the mentality of just losing weight is one of the reasons people give up. Sure, you do not see the difference in 2 months but your friend that started with you is looking like teamfitfam, quite frustrating I know . This is when different body types come into the discussion, People lose weight differently, add weight differently, also have different metabolisms. This is why your journey must begin because you want to be healthy inside and out, which helps you persevere even when your exterior is not catching up to how much work you a putting in. Trust me, the changes always come as far as there is perseverance. 

I will be ending this post with some food substitution ideas for anyone out there still struggling with their daily diet.

 Some Carbs substitutes

  • White rice – Brown rice
  • Couscous – Quinoa
  • Bread crumbs – Rolled oats
  • Tortilla wraps – Lettuce leave (a personal fave)
  • White bread – Whole wheat bread

Some Protein Substitutes

  • One whole egg – 2 egg whites
  • Ground beef – Ground Turkey
  • Dark meat – White skinless meat

Snack Substitutes

  • Flavored yogurt –  Plain yogurt with fresh fruits
  • Canned fruits – fresh fruits or frozen fruits
  • Milk chocolate -Dark chocolate
  • potato chips – Popcorn

These are just a couple  from the unending list of Healthy food substitutes. Remember guys with  consistency and perseverance , you can go farther than you thought.

Until next time 🙂 xx



WOW: Home workout Edition.

Hey guys,

I thought today, why not give something special to my readers. Seeing as we are building this awesome relationship, and well, relationships come with gifts- at least the good ones do. I’ll be adding weekly workout routines to the blog. Take it as a challenge if you will or just add it to your pre-existing routine . Just do it! No it is not sponsored (or maybe it is) it’s not .

P.S: WOD from last week is here to stay as WOW (workout of the week )

Most people assume no gym memberships mean no effective workouts but I disagree. Home workouts may be a little different because of less space and equipment’s but who said you can’t improvise and have an awesome workout.

So here’s your WOW, lets have fun shall we 🙂

Equipment : Mat, skipping ropes.


  • Jump ropes – 100 x 4 (pace your self )
  • Jumping jacks – 20 x 4

Main Set 1

  • Mountain climbers (high intensity) – 20 seconds x 3
  • Toe tap jumps – 12 each side x 3
  • broad jump burpee – 10 x 3
  • planks –  2 mins (you can do this in 1 min intervals)

rest – 2 mins

Set 2

  • Mountain climbers (sprint) – 10 seconds  x 4
  • Leg lifts – 12 x 4
  • Marching glute bridge – 15 x 4
  • Alternating switch lunges – 12 each side x 3

Rest, cool down and stretch.

You can view ‘how to’ gifs for each work out  below.

Mountain climbers: gif

Leg Lifts: legs

Toe Tap Jumps:


Broad Jump Burpee: jumps.gif

Marching glute bridge:


Alternating switch lunges: lunges.gif

Remember to make these workouts your own by increasing or reducing difficulty levels.

Enjoy your Home workout 🙂

Until next time xx.






Workout of the day

Hey guys,

I hope your week is going okay.. It just got super cold in Minnesota so i’m not having the best week.

I’m going to share a workout of the day that is suitable for anyone, no matter your skill level. This is a full body workout that  will focus on your main muscles (arms, abs and glutes).. You can incorporate any of these into your routine.

Lets have some fun shall we 😀

equipment needed – Jump ropes , weight balls, Jump box, Dumbells (weight of your choosing)

Warm- up

  • Jump rope – 100 x 4
  • High Knee walk – 10 x 4

Main Set 1

  • Body weight Burpe  – 12 x 3
  • Box jumps – 15 x 3
  • High knees – 20 x 3
  • jumping jacks – 20 x 3

rest – 2 minute

Set 2

  • Bulgarian Lunges with dumbbell – 12 x 3
  • Russian twists – 20 x 3
  • walking planks – 12 x 3
  • jump box burpes – 10 x 3

Rest, stretch and cool down- You can add in any cool down workouts you have.

Also feel free to view ‘how to’ videos for each work out .


You can take out or add a couple sets, make it your own. Don’t forget to have fun with workout.

Leave a comment below if you tried it and tell me how it went.

Until next time  🙂 xx


Why we binge.

Hey, guys.

I’m finally back. Gosh I just realized that the last time I posted was in February :(. Well, I’ve jumped off the procrastination train for good.. I promise.
Okay, going to get right to it. So some of us will agree with me that this year has not been the best, and with stress comes the binging/overeating monster. This post will go through a few probable reasons why we overeat and how we can avoid them.  Also, I will be throwing in healthy snack ideas.
What causes us to overeat?
Now as we know, that first hand full of your binge snack choice (sugar, fat or salt) is always the best. This is your brain recording a unique feeling of pleasure. This triggers a release of “happy chemicals”, dopamine and serotonin – a combination that can leave us feeling amazing. As our own inbuilt “reward system”, the chemical reaction can cause us to keep chasing that good feeling. This is why we always want another handful of snacks even when we’re not hungry. Our brains are so intricate, they associate particular cues with achieving a reward, leading you to crave a special treat.
Another reason that could prompt us to overeat is stress. This is possibly the most relatable reason. I relate to this as well because as we know life’s a bitch.  A big bowl of ice cream, bag of chips or pizza can make it  better.. for a second. At that point you assume eating will make all better, when what you’re really doing is “eating your feelings”.
Like it or not, watching TV is a major cause of binge eating. Ever just want to have a hand full of chips while watching a movie and realize you finished the entire bag before the movie is done? Hate to pop your bubble, but this too counts as binge eating.
How we can reduce binge eating.
  • Empower yourself by disciplining your mind to foresee how you’d feel after overeating.  Honestly, eating cookies won’t lessen stress or tiredness, rather you’re more prone to feeling guilty or even sick.
  • Learn how to recognize your triggers: when do you overeat? In front of the tv?, when stressed?, when out with friends?  Recognizing what triggers these desires can help avert it.
  • Although this may be the toughest part, distracting yourself with another activity or simply saying no can reduce overeating.  The urge will likely pass in a few minutes.
Snacking does not always imply cookies or chips.. Some better choices are:
Apple and peanut butter, Kettle popcorn, carrots and hummus, cucumber slices & nuts.img_9951
Once you are aware you are overeating or when the feeling starts creeping up, you remember that you are capable of refraining from it. Trust me, I’ve been on that wagon, but it gets easier I promise.
Until next time guys 🙂 xx.


Best Banana bread Recipe!.

Hey Guys,

I promised to post recipes a while back and I am finally here to deliver. My very first recipe is going to be the best banana bread I have ever made, and it is surprisingly easy. I  am a sucker for recipes so anytime I feel like trying something new, I hit up the interweb.

I was in the mood for some banana bread with no flour cause I had already had way too much carbs that week, so I went searching and I found the recipe that would do the trick. I won’t rant on about about how much I absolutely loved this bread and consumed it in two days, i’mma just drop the recipe here and you would see for your self.

Banana Nut Bread recipe.

3 ripe banana’s (the riper the better)

3 Eggs

1/3 coconut oil (secret ingredient)

1tsp baking soda

1tsp salt

3tbsp cinnamon

1/4 cup walnut (I made mine without nuts, but anyway you like your’s)

3  Cups rolled oats (not the 1 minute ones, tried baking with those once and it did not turn out great)

NB: If you do not have ripe banana’s but just cannot wait to make this, you can bake your banana with the skin and all in the oven at 300 degrees  for an hour only! and boom  you have ripe banana’s for your bread.


  • Preheat your oven at 350 degrees
  • Mash the ripe banana’s in a big bowl
  • Add in eggs and coconut oil, mixing it thoroughly
  • Add all your recipes: oats, baking sods, salt, cinnamon, and walnuts(if you choose to use them) and continue mixing.
  • Pour your yummy mixture into a loaf pan greased with coconut oil
  • Bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean when you poke it in the middle.
  • Let it cool for like 20mins after it is done, this is just a warning lol , when mine was done i could not wait to try it cause it smelt so good and the piece scattered a bit. So yeah wait till it cools down, then by all means gulp the whole thing down cause it will be so damn yummy & healthy 😉 .




The Journey: hurdles and goals(1).

Hey guys,

So I recently had a conversation with a friend on how no one ever talks about the struggle before getting to their dream bodies. And I could not help but agree with this. Healthy people on social media need to realize that posting their meals and workouts could only go so far in motivating people. I mean, sure nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. But working out is not as easy and oh so much fun as everyone makes it out to be; Although It does make you feel good afterwards.

  The first step is figuring out what you want to change in your body ,Its obviously the easiest step. I found my issues a couple years before I started working on it.  I just kept thinking; “if only I get myself to the gym, I would be  toned in a month,”  Lol total lie by the way. I mean I started off with the mentality that if I worked out really hard, I could get away with eating the same crap I used to. As you’d imagine I had no idea what I was doing. So I kept this up for a while and was not seeing any change whatsoever and gave up hope on getting rid of my annoying problem.

Now education is definitely key  because back in college, I took a nutrition class and this gave me an idea on how to start  my journey. This did not mean I got rid of my problem areas with the snap of my fingers. During that summer, I decided to be healthier both inside an out. The thing to eating clean is you will feel cleaner and happier no matter how long it takes to reach your goal. And even after reaching this, you hopefully will not go back to old ways because it’ll feel so damn good. Referencing my last two posts, making a list of meals you want to prepare will  help you stay on track.

I know this is basically of summary of everything on the healthy life struggle but the purpose of this post today was to let you guys know that patience  and perseverance are key. Also, most importantly getting that nutrition right. It might not be as easy at first to give up on things that you’d rather have instead of healthy food. But hey I’m here for you guys in every step you are taking in your health journey.

Alright, thats all I have for today . Have a good week guys 🙂

Love Mfon 🙂 xx