Having Late Night Cravings?

Hey guys.. back again 🙂

Happy New week & I  hope you had a good weekend..  The weekend literally felt like 2 minutes for me.

So today’s post is something that I still struggle with, “LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS”. Ever want to walk up to your fridge at 11pm and grab the first thing you see because you are so damn hungry?.. that’s me every other night. I hate having to think of what to eat this late because even the “healthy” food does not make it past 8pm.

So for my foodies out there, I came up with a list of snack ideas that would definitely fill you up & not have any negative effect on your healthy lifestyle :).

  •  A handful of Almonds, Pistachios or just plain ol’ nuts: Only a handful though, although these are healthy you do not want too much fat sitting in you right before bed.
  • cottage cheese and pineapples. 
  • Yoplait greek yogurt (Any flavor): Instead of late night ice cream, have this with frozen blueberries, best thing ever!.
  • An apple with cottage cheese : I love my apples with peanut butter but I like to compromise because although peanut butter is healthy, it still has a high amount of fat so I stay aware from it right before bed.
  • Half a cup of popcorn: Instead of chips I go for this most of the time cause it hits the spot for my salty cravings, my fave is “BOOM CHICKA POP” but any other kind of kettle corn popcorn will do.
  • Dark Chocolate: remember, the darker the chocolate the better, this could be used to satisfy your sweet cravings.

As you proceed to indulge in late night snacking, always remember to stay away from too much carbs or fatty food so you don’t lay awake feeling too full.

I hope this helps you guys out with fighting off late night cravings from here on out.  

See ya’ll next time.

-Love Mfon :)xx



Hey everyone, I’m back 🙂

Monday was grocery shopping day, yup, my fridge begged for some action and I obliged. I mentioned sharing my week’s shopping list with you and its ready. Oh wait, before we dive in, I need to stress a point. Do NOT go grocery shopping blind. Tossing things in that you ‘might’ need, might being the keyword here.  Cause 9 times out of 10, you will throw out that ‘true organic dijon mustard’.  So;

  • come up with at least 3 meals for the week. (or 2 weeks: veggies are perishable so keep your time span short)

This is usually the hardest part for me, but once you know what you’ll eat, the rest is a breeze.


Breakfast: Oatmeal, tea spoon of peanut butter, Mixed berries, almond milk .

I bought: Mixed berries, Almond milk. (I have two big cans of oatmeal sitting on top and my fridge & i never let my self run out of peanut butter).

Lunch: Chicken salad

I bought: Chicken breast,Kale, Baby spinach, almonds, Balsamic vinaigrette, (Already had cherry tomatoes)

Dinner: Baked sweet potatoes fries with home made guac (I know this sounds heavy for dinner, but I go to the gym right after work so its a refuel meal).

I bought: Sweet potatoes, avocados.


Breakfast: An omelet, Orange juice(Have to get in that vitamin c in the morning 😉 )

I bought: Eggs, Mixed veggies, Orange juice

Lunch: Quinoa stir fry (Oh the goodness)

I bought: Quinoa ,Zucchini, onions, (Already have mixed veggies on the list)

Dinner: Baked salmon and veggies

I bought: Skinless salmon, Zucchini, bell peppers, avocados, lime


Breakfast: Oatmeal, tea spoon of pb, mixed berries, almond milk

Lunch: A chicken sandwich

I bought: Honey mustard, (Already have spinach and chicken on the list), Avocados (this is my numero uno), Rye bread (I just started eating this recently and I’m loving it so far).

Dinner: Steamed veggies and leftover chicken.


Breakfast: Mixed berries and banana smoothie with chia seeds.

I bought : Banana, (Already have mixed berries on the list), Chia seeds.

Lunch: Bean and ground turkey chili

I bought: A pack of 3 bean chili, ground turkey

Dinner: Salmon salad
(Ingredients are already on the list)


Breakfast: cereal

I bought: cheerios, honey bunches

Lunch: chicken pasta

I bought: pasta, tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, (already have chicken on my list) , I also like putting some frozen veggies in my pasta(this is already on my list)

Dinner: Planning to come home and raid my fridge for left overs 😀


Fruits: grapes, lime, mangoes, pineapple, pomegranate, apple.

Snacks: Now this is my favourite part because I love snacking, I like to use the phrase “its in my blood” as an excuse because no one knows how to snack better than my mum. So since I love this activity so much, I sought out healthy snackies in order to stay on track.
I bought:

Trader Joe’s inner peas (Baked green peas)

multi grain chips

dried fruit

wheat crackers

almonds/mixed nuts

Thats it! 50-70usd (depending on sales etc). I picked up extra stuff but nothing too crazy,sticking to the list is a major key guys. I also meal prepped on Monday , now I don’t have to worry about cooking the rest of the week. Hope y’all learnt something. Remember to take it a step at a time.

Look forward to fun recipes on here next week. Have an awesome week!

-love, Mfon 🙂 xx


New Year, New Me

Hey everyone, back again…

Okay “new year,new me”. If I got a quarter for every time I heard that phrase I’d be stupid rich. New years are a time where everyone decides “Gosh dang it, this year I’ll be healthier”. But before the end of January that strong feeling about the gym/buying healthy groceries fizzles out.

I will admit, I was on that train one too many times and boy was it no fun. Anyways in this post I will tell you guys how I keep up with that new years’ resolution, hopefully these help.

Clean out your “Holiday food” fridge: Trust me this is one of the hardest things to do. Okay lets see thanksgiving, christmas and new years. Phew, guys getting rid of leftovers is difficult. But come on, it is the new year, time to get rid of that food taking up space your fridge.

Start with the little things: For healthy resolutions jumping right into it might be the reason you are jumping right out of it. I like to start with cleansing, doing a total body detox may be the best thing to happen right after dumping all that food into the system. This will get your body  ready for the new year (pun intended lol). When i’m doing a detox, I always go with a splash of apple cider vinaigrette in the first glass of water for the day. Trust me this will clean all the bad toxins hiding in your system. Although apple cider vinegar is my favorite so far, there are a couple other ways I have tried that might interest you:

  • Green tea & with lemons
  • Grape fruit & oranges blended together (quite sour to taste)
  • Lemons and water (a personal favourite
  • I have tried lots!, but these few always leave me feeling clean.


Make a shopping list for the first grocery shopping for the year: So right after cleaning out the unhealthy food/ holiday food from your fridge, time to hit that grocery store. I cannot tell you how much I love to buy yummy food (don’t forget I’m a big foodie). Before I go out shopping, I always have my list of groceries which keeps me in check. Also, have meals in mind so you are not just throwing anything “healthy” in there. Can’t wait to go through my grocery list next time.


Finally getting that Gym Membership: Okay yeah I know.. you may have thought this would be step one.But if you jumped on that wagon without having you body ready the  $10- 25 will be wasted. Yes I love the gym and everything it stands for, but I have come across way too many people assuming that is the only key to getting fit. Yes you will gain muscle, Yes you will be stronger, but this does not mean you will be healthier. From health articles I have read in the past, getting a better body is 80% what you eat and 20% working out. “The gym Helps those who help themselves”. If you are thinking of getting that gym membership this year, don’t go for it because everyone is doing it. Or because it’ll look nice having a gym key on your key holder, do it because you are ready for a healthier and stronger you!.

Alright that’s all I have for today, I hope this year rocks for you guys! …Talk to you guys later

-Love Mfon 🙂 xx


The Beginning.

Happy New Year Everyone!.

I’m two weeks late. Okay lets jump right into introductions, I’m Mfon and I am a “healthyfoodaholic”. I chose this lifestyle 3 years ago and I’ve never been happier with my body. I went through ALOT of phases (and I mean a lot!) working out. Because trust me even though most people think they know what they want their body ‘type’ to be, their bodies are looking at a  different catalog. Anyways, after a lot of experimenting, I hit the holy grail routine and diet and it’s been smooth sailing from then.

I am not here to tell you guys that not eating healthy 365 days a year is a death sentence to your waistline. Damn I have cheat months!. I’m here to share my experiences with Unlabelled food. I am sick and tired of people assuming any and everything green tastes like crap. So on behalf of those who don’t mind color on their plates, I hope to show you countless ways to enjoy the healthy life.

Disclaimer: This is not a cooking blog (I wish I could cook & show the world lol). I will share recipes, tricks and awesome information and hopefully learn from you guys as well.

-Love Mfon 🙂 xx